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用爱灌溉自己的心灵 / Embracing myself with love

一行禅师在祂的一本书里曾说过:负面的种子比比皆是,然而正面的种子也无所不在,譬如慈悲,宽容以及爱。这些正面的种子都被埋在土壤里,没有雨水便不会滋长。我们的修行就是要辨认这些正面的种子,时时为它们浇灌。当你认清你慈悲的一面,记住要时时为它浇灌,日以继夜。 Buddhist Master, Thich Nhat Hanh, once said in this book: The seeds of negativity are always there, but very positive seeds also exist, such as the seeds of compassion, tolerance and love. These seeds are all there in the soil, but without rain, they cannot manifest. Our practice is to recognise the positive seeds and water the positive seeds. If you recognise the seed of compassion in yourself, you should make sure that it is watered several times every day.
用爱灌溉自己的心灵 / Embracing myself with love

Warmth across the ocean

I was indeed glad and comforted to know that there are people out there thinking of me, and these news came on the same day. I could feel the warmth across the ocean, from lands that I have not visited and from people whom I've never met.