Japan Trip 2017 – Osaka Day 4

Day 4, 18 June 2017, it was Father's Day. And I had all the time to myself.


Japan Trip 2017 – Osaka Day 3

Today, I had a very simple plan, that is, bringing the ladies along with me to Shitennoji Shrine before heading towards a covered street known as Shinsaibashi Suji shopping street, after which I will move on my own to Sumiyaso Taisha temple.

Japan Trip 2017 – Osaka Day 2

Just like any other free and easy trips, there wasn't any rush for us in the morning. We woke up for breakfast, took our time to do our usual business before heading towards our first stop. The first place that I have planned was the Osaka Castle, a place that should not be missed when visiting Osaka (as mentioned in the internet).

自我反映(九)——100%的投入 / Self Reflection (9) — 100% Focus

  “Be there truly. Be there with 100 percent of yourself. In every moment of your daily life. That is the Essence of true Buddhist meditation. Each of us know that we can do that, so let us train to live each moment of our daily life deeply. That is why I like to define mindfulness as the energy that helps us to be there 100 percent. It is the energy of your true presence.”      “真正的投入。把自己的100%投入在你生活中的每时每刻。这才是佛教徒禅修的精髓。我们都知道我们是做得到的,因此我们应该训练自己完全地活在当下。这就是为何我总是把正念诠释为让我们完全100%投入的工具与能量。这才是你真我的能量。”

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