Japan Trip 2017 – Osaka Day 2

Just like any other free and easy trips, there wasn't any rush for us in the morning. We woke up for breakfast, took our time to do our usual business before heading towards our first stop. The first place that I have planned was the Osaka Castle, a place that should not be missed when visiting Osaka (as mentioned in the internet).



东京的天空…… 假期暂时告一段落,临走前把东京的天空捕捉下来。 在这最后一刻,站在酒店房里的玻璃窗前,放眼眺望,玻璃窗把我和城市的喧闹隔离,一份宁静填满心头。 虽然我有些惧高症,但我喜欢站在高空眺望,把“脚底下”的一切尽数映入眼帘,就会感觉心胸也宽敞了许多…… 当我再次踏上国土,那将会是一个崭新的开始…… 24.06.2017 林顺源 写于东京酒店



得而复失,失而复得 / Lost and Found

生活的得与失,始终牵绊着我的心,想要放下一切确实是谈何容易。我的手掌已经不再紧握,只是还没学会把它们摊开,去拥抱整个天空。 Material attachment has been in my heart and soul for years. And I’ve been trying my best to practise mindfulness to let go of all these, for I believe that they are the cause to all sufferings. But it isn’t as easy as I think. While I do not hold my hands too tightly anymore, I have yet to open them up fully so that I can embrace the whole universe.

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