Japan Trip 2017 – Osaka Day 3

Today, I had a very simple plan, that is, bringing the ladies along with me to Shitennoji Shrine before heading towards a covered street known as Shinsaibashi Suji shopping street, after which I will move on my own to Sumiyaso Taisha temple.


不再有遗憾 / No More Regrets

2017年的大年初一对于我来说意义深重,因为我知道,即便此刻我离开了这个世界,我已经不再有任何遗憾。我已经对所有我爱的人说了那句:“我爱你!” It was a great first day of Chinese New Year for me, and I know that if I am to leave this world now, I have no more regrets, for I have said “I love you” to all the people I wanted to say to.

云淡风轻 / Innerpeace

现在,望着照片里我脸上的那一份安详,感觉就像是一片云般淡淡然地体会生活,像一阵风般轻盈盈地追逐生命,我知道我正在向光明处前进…… As I looked at my own photo and observed the innerpeace written on my smile, I know that I am moving in the right direction which I call the path of light......

China Trip Part 2 – Suzhou Part 1

24 August 2016. This was the day that I left the beautiful Wuzhen and headed to Suzhou, which is supposed to be another beautiful city. There is a Chinese saying that goes: 上有天堂下有苏杭, meaning there is heaven up above but there is Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth. It's comparing heaven with these 2 places in... Continue Reading →

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